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The following is the Parks Law Offices, LLC privacy policy, which is designed to inform visitors to the Parks Law Offices website about information that may potentially be collected when you visit the Parks Law Offices website, or contact Parks Law Offices, LLC.

Information we collect.  When you browse the Parks Law Offices website, statistical information may be collected regarding your use of our website, such as date and time of page visits, number of page visits, and referral site information about your browser and operating system.  The collection of this information is standard website use technology.  Parks Law Offices, LLC does not collect any other personal information from the statistics collected.  If you send an email to Parks Law Offices, LLC, or an individual attorney, Parks Law Offices, LLC may retain such an email for our records.

How we use that information.  We will not sell, rent, or lease any of your personal information.  We use the statistical information for data collections and analysis purposes only.

How we protect that information.  Parks Law Offices, LLC reviews internal procedures to make sure that this policy is complied with.

Disclosures.  We may disclose information if legally required to disclose such information or to protect our legal rights.

Contact.  All contact with Parks Law Offices, LLC is kept confidential except when disclosure is required by law.  Contacting Parks Law Offices, LLC does not automatically establish an attorney-client relationship.

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